Family Worship at Home
Family Worship Resources

How do we have daily Family Worship?

Read. Pray. Sing.

Keep it simple. Depending upon the ages of your children, you should set aside anywhere from 5-15 minutes for family worship. For little kiddos 5 minutes is about all they can handle, for older kids having some time for discussion is very beneficial.

Read. Read a passage from God’s Word. If you have younger kids we recommend you use the Jesus Storybook Bible and read one story a day. Another great resources for kids a little older would be The Ology: Ancient Truths, Ever New. For middle and high school children you should be able to use a normal Bible. Remember, keep it short, you might only read 10-15 verses.

Pray. Come to the Lord with your praises and petitions. This is a great time to not only model prayer for your children but also to give them a chance to pray. Especially for the longer ones, you might ask them before you start if there is one thing they would like to thank Jesus for (siblings, food, etc).  

Sing. Singing is a way for us to respond to God and worship Him. Sing one verse of a song you all know (Amazing Grace, Blessed Assurance, etc). If you need help choosing a song, here is a great list:  

That’s it. Read, Pray, and Sing. Don’t make it complicated, keep it simple. Set aside a time each day for your family to worship together. The best times are often right after dinner or right before bedtime. By making it a priority you are teaching your kids the importance of God in their lives. Just as a word of encouragement, it probably will rarely goes as smoothly as you would like. Inevitable the phone will start ringing (let it ring) or your kids will start acting up. Know that it will be sometimes be more challenging than other times but don’t give up. Let your time together be seen as special and protected. 

Additional Elements (these may be added to your family worship):
  • Scripture Memory - Memorize one verse a week or every few weeks.
  • Catechism - Read through, discuss, and/or memorize Luther's Small Catechism. If you don't own one of these, ask Pr. Matthew Ballmann and we'll get you one. 
  • Confession of Faith (Apostles' and Nicene Creed) - These are great ways to not only confess what you believe as a family, but teach the basics of the faith to your children.